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Are you ready to sell your home? Four Feng shui Tips to get it done in the New Year

1.  Ask an objective friend to look at the outside of your home from a distance... taking in the surrounding area, and background.  Have him/her write down their uninhibited impressions in the first 2 minutes.  This will give you much insight into how others will see the first glimpse of your home.  Be open to criticism. It is important to pay attention to how the feedback makes you feel, as this will tell you how attached or unattached you are to your home.Image title

2. Invest in GREEN.  Landscaping, plants, and greenery around your front door will welcome your guests and give life to your entryway. 

3. Get rid of your personal look as much as possible, especially in the Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen.  

Bedrooms should look like a place where your buyer could kick off their shoes and take a nap.  Remove all personal things from the dressers, nightstands, and window sills.  If your art is "busy" including family pictures, or art depicting activity, or your own slant on spirituality or religion, consider replacing with pictures of nature.  Remove large mirrors that are around the bed, and if your walls are in the red and warm hues, consider repainting with light blues, greens, or neutral colors.   

Bathrooms should look like a spa!  Noone wants to know what kind of shampoo or toothpaste you use.  Put away the towels you use, and invest in new towels.  put them away until the showings occur, and then simply put the new towels up each time.  No calcified shower doors or curtains will do, nor will mildew in your tiles (really important). The bathroom should smell good but not overly perfumed.  A scented candle is good to burn, but don't keep it going during the showing, as the smell may overwhelm.  Putting a plant in the bathroom is always a good touch if you have sunlight coming in. 

Kitchens should smell good.  The old trick of baking bread or cookies before a showing does work!  Remove magnets from the fridge and appliances from the counters.  Clean the oven! people always look.  Brightly colored paints work well in a kitchen, especially if it is in the south, east or west of the home.  Plants again are great in the kitchen.  Make sure all plants in the house are very healthy, watered, and trimmed!   Image title

4.  Be ready to let go of your home energetically.  Here is a great exercise to help you ceremonially prepare to sell your home.  Go to the center or "heart" of your home with a spare key in your hand.  Close your eyes, and remember the significant good and bad times you have had there.  Think of the same for each loved one who lives with you. Say "thank you".  Next, tour the home (you can smudge with sage here if you like, to clean and purify the space for the next person who will live there). Go to each room and say "thank you".  Next, go to the door with the spare key, and open and close the door entering and exiting several times (especially if you have not used the key in awhile).  Each time you exit and close the door, say "thank you".    Next,  go to a natural body of water... a river is best, but a lake will do..  Take your spare key, envision the new owners finding it, and throw the key into the water and say "thank you." Pay attention to your emotions.  It may give you insight into what may be blocking the sale.  "Qi follows intention" as the ancient Chinese say.. meaning, the life force follows our desires.  Get clear about what you want, and the rest will follow.  

Happy Selling! and Happy new year of the Dog.

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